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Quick to Judge

by Debra Cummings

There is a great little consignment store where I sell my clothing that is no longer needed. I have sold clothes there for at least 8 years. I've always enjoyed this little shop.

The owner does a great job at running her business. She has it set up to send out payments as the clothes are sold. I receive checks on a regular basis so I was curious when I hadn't received a check from her in quite some time. My assistant called the shop to ask about the check and we were told a check would be coming soon.

More than a month went by and I hadn't received a check. I was surprised but it wasn't a big deal. My assistant called again to remind them.

Another month went by and still no check. By this time, I was getting frustrated.

Another phone call - another promise of a check and again - no check came. By this time, I was beyond frustrated and more than just a little judgmental about the shop owner - feeling taken advantage of etc.

Another phone call and shortly after, a check arrives.

After a short time, I got over my frustration and decided to drop off more clothing at the little shop. I started chatting with the shop owner and in our conversation I learned that she had spent the last year in and out of the hospital, battling pancreatic cancer.

While she spent the last year battling pancreatic cancer, I had spent the last few months judging her and whining about a little check that hadn't arrived!!

This reminded me about a video I once saw that depicted how everyone has a story. Everyone is fighting their own battles. Even when we can't see what they are battling, those battles still exist.

How would life be different if you reminded yourself of this before you spoke, before you acted and before you judged?

Here is the video that helped open my eyes.

When Life Gets Really Hard

by Debra Cummings


When you just can't take anymore!
When people go through very tough experiences, it often means they are going though a complete overhaul of their life. The outcome of the overhaul can be unbelievably beautiful! Beyond anything you could have ever imagined.

When you are in the middle of a really difficult time, it seems like it will never end. Or you just don't see a way out - ever!

My recommendation:
If there is anyway you can let go of the "need" to make things go back to the way they were, you will move through this difficult time more easily. If there is anyway you can let go of trying to control the outcome, you will find great happiness and contentment as the result. The challenge is in letting go.

The energy work is a key piece in letting go and making it through this difficult time with greater ease and Trust, knowing that all is well.

It's important to remember, this is all happening for you, not to you.Something big in your life needed to improve and this was the best and fastest way for that improvement to take place. The outcome will be grand! And you will look back with deep gratitude for the experiences you are now moving through.

Each day, you are one day closer to the happiness you are seeking. Each moment offers an opportunity to surrender and move forward, surrender and move forward. It's one day at a time, holding the Knowing that you are being loved, supported and guided by something much greater and wiser.

Allow the energy work to support you in the process. It will help you move through these times much faster!

Here are 2 free opportunities to use this extraordinary energy to get you to where you want to be in life.

My interview on Cindy Kubica's Energized Living Today was voted a top rated interview so it is available again!

Here is a link to yesterday's interview with Shefali Burns on Awaken to Happiness Now.

The energy is active on the replays. The depth of clearing you will experience when listening to the 1 on 1 interaction is astounding!

There is no charge - just listen to the replays and enjoy!


Why You Are Here

by Debra Cummings

Are you yearning to know what you are supposed to be "doing" in life? You might imagine that once you find whatever it is you are supposed to be doing, that you will be happy and fulfilled and everything in life will fall into place.

Some people spend their entire lives searching for the answer to: "What is my purpose?", "What am I here to do?"

This desire for purpose is important but the search for it is simply a distraction keeping you from the very thing you are wanting.

Your purpose isn't something you are supposed to be "doing".

It isn't a way to act.

It isn't a way to be.

It isn't outside of yourself or even inside of yourself.

YOU are your purpose in life!

You and your experiences, including all the bumps in life ARE your purpose.

The difference between LOOKING for your purpose and LIVING your purpose happens when you come into balance with those experiences and those bumps. Every time you move into Acceptance or Gratitude, you are coming more into balance with your true self.

As you come into balance, you are truly living your purpose. And as you live your purpose, you will find that you are happy and fulfilled and the things in your life will simply fall into place.

If you need help bringing the experiences and bumps in life into balance, here is the fastest method I know of. It only takes a few minutes to use. It works. And it's free.

Surprised by a Sad, Old Memory

by Debra Cummings

I never expected this

Yesterday, my daughter, Laura and I were perusing photographs for our book and I was reminded of a very sad moment in my life when I was a little girl, sitting at the top of the stairs listening to my older brother crying and pleading with my parents, not to be sent away to school. He begged and begged and said, "I'll be a good boy!". He thought he was being sent away because he was bad. My heart broke. I was completely helpless to fix it and make it better, yet somehow I felt it was my responsibility. I was 6 years old.

Many years later my mom told me that my brother was sent away to school in order to protect him from my dad. What a huge sacrifice my mom made out of love for her son. I'm sorry he never knew that.

I was surprised by the deep sadness I still felt after more than 50 years. My very wise daughter said, "Mom, you have done so much clearing that now you are able to access the deeper levels of sadness that have been buried for so long". (Thank-you, Laura!!!) So glad to have the opportunity to address the difficult memory and the sadness with an energy process.

I'm wondering if you have ever had a similar experience of having a difficult memory come up after years of it being hidden?



Why we judge others

by Debra Cummings

Putting people down, criticizing, insulting, judging how someone looks or how much money they have, We have all done it. Even if just in our thoughts. It is a way to convince ourselves that we are acceptable or good enough or special or in someway better than we believe we are. We are filling a need of which most of us are completely unaware.

Early on in life, we are raised noticing our imperfections rather than Recognizing the ways in which we are already perfect. There is part of each one of us that has a need to prove to ourselves that we're okay. And this is the part that is criticizing others or finding them at fault or making them wrong or by making them bad.

It is such an innocent mechanism.

It is such an innocent mechanism. Yet it really has an unpleasant influence on our lives. This mechanism, comes from a time before having any personal power or definition of Self. One of the ways that creates this desire to judge is hearing the word "no". Young children hear the word "no" many, many thousands of times. One UCLA study shows that by the age of 1-year, a child hears the word "no" up to 400 times per day!!

Telling a child "no" is usually intended to keep the child safe or to keep an object safe from the child. Even though it is well-intended, it is heard differently than intended.

As a young child, when you were told "no" it meant far more than "no" means to you today. It was interpreted as: Who you are, is wrong. Not what you are doing is wrong, but who you are is wrong.

We attract more situations into our lives that confirm "Who you are, is wrong".


The seed of this idea gets planted in us repeatedly throughout early childhood. And as we grow, we attract more and more situations into our lives that confirm and validate that idea of "Who you are, is wrong". Then we find ourselves spending our adult years trying to fix what's wrong.

The influence on your life just from this tiny word, is enormous!! One way to seemingly soothe it is by making ourselves "better" than someone else through criticism, insults, judging etc. Often, we aren't aware of the behavior since the mechanism that caused it was developed very early on.

The good news is:

1. Being aware - is more that ½ way there. Awareness allows you to choose a different way of thinking to support you in changing this unpleasant, automatic response.

2. There's a cutting edge technique we can use to peel away the layers and layers of being wrong that have been programmed from childhood. It's called the Primary Triad. It was named Primary Triad because of the primary relationship between mother, father and infant. It is a powerful energy technique founded by Jo Dunning. The Primary Triad is being offered free on August 18th at 10 AM and 4 PM Pacific Time.

This process fills in the intended qualities we were supposed to receive from birth to age 7

  • Knowing that you are unconditionally loved, supported and safe in the world.
  • Healthy self-esteem and confidence.
  • The ability to earn a living.
  • The ability to be playful and spontaneous.
  • Helps you attract healthy relationships into your life.

The workshop will only take 15 minutes of your time and it is offered online.

Do you know if anyone else who would benefit from having this process done?Please share.

Bad Mood - Good News!

by Debra Cummings

Are you ever in a bad mood? I mean a really bad mood when you wake up one morning and EVERY little thing annoys you; people at work, spouse, drivers on the road, even your dog.

Every button is being pushed seemingly without reason, although nothing is really different in your life to cause your bad mood, like losing your job or having a break-up or any other major upset.

Maybe this will help change your thinking about a spontaneous bad mood. I've learned that when I wake up in a bad mood that just makes me miserable, I am preparing for a huge leap in personal growth.

When we make big internal changes, it's as if our internal self no longer matches our external world. It's uncomfortable like wearing clothes that are too tight. This is VERY temporary and you can ease the discomfort by following a few simple steps.

*Recognize it for what it is! Know that your life isn't falling apart. You are just in the process of making wonderful internal changes that will create more of the life you would like to have and a happier "you"!

*Let your loved ones know that your mood has nothing to do with them and to please forgive any sharpness in your tone.

*Take time to be by yourself as much as possible. Bad moods are contagious.

*Listen to uplifting music.

*If you enjoy meditation, contemplation, or other Spiritual practices, use them.

*Use The Pulse Technique to address your mood and any of the particular issues currently bothering you.

Remember, the next time you find yourself in a bad mood for no apparent reason, it means you are in the process of becoming all that you are. This is really good news!


New Year's Goals - Ugh!

by Debra Cummings

Dear Friends,

It is a New Year and a time for New Beginnings! Most of us have a goal for how we want to be in the New Year. Usually we choose one of the challenging areas in our lives and we commit to doing it differently.

You know how it goes… You start out all inspired when you set your goal. Then the inspiration quickly fizzles… until you are doing the same as you were before – only a little worse, because you feel like you have failed yet again. Ever happen to you?

Goal setting is a 4 letter word for me. Goals seem too far away, unobtainable and seem to make my focus on what’s not working in my life. This is how my brain sees it: GOAL = HARD WORK – UGH! Do you ever feel that way??

I needed to find another way.

I discovered a method that is far more effective and a whole lot easier. You might like to give it a try. What I do is, I use my imagination to envision how I’d like my life to look and I enjoy the deliciousness of the feeling. I don’t focus on how to achieve whatever it is; just on what it would feel like to have this outcome in my life.

On occasion, I’ll bring the memory of this feeling to mind for just a few moments as I’m walking my dogs or before I get up in the morning. I don’t have any set rules about how or when I do this because it will seem too much like work and it will defeat the purpose.

I also use this as a tool when I’m faced with something that is challenging or difficult for me. I will remind myself of the ‘imagined outcome’ to lift my spirits up and to get me through the challenge.

This is how I get through my very demanding work schedule. I am pulled by my vision (purpose) rather than working towards a goal. How do I get pulled by my vision? I remind myself of the outcome. I linger in the feeling of how much better the world is by me living my vision. Each of us has a vision or purpose or whatever term you use. The world needs us to live it.

Allow your imagination to create your vision rather than focusing on unobtainable goals. Let it carry you when times are difficult. Nurture it when times are easy and remember to use it as the powerful tool as it was intended.


My Introduction to Jo Dunning and the Pulse Technique

by Debra Cummings

Like many other people, I had a difficult childhood which created an adult that was barely handling life.  I had low self esteem, had no sense of who I was. I lived in worry and fear. I was angry with my parents. I always felt I had to prove I was important because I felt so unimportant. I lacked the skills to make life work in nearly every area. Many years of therapy and medication helped me continue existing and for the most part – that described my life – existing - barely.  Life had gotten so hard, that I was unable to leave my house. Therapy and medication helped me to function but it wasn’t until I met Jo Dunning and experienced her work that my entire life began to blossom and open up.
I was a volunteer at a church event where Jo Dunning was the Keynote speaker. I had absolutely no interest in what she was offering but since I was working at the event, I was in the room and experienced my first taste of the Pulse Technique. I didn’t believe in stuff like this, but I knew that whatever Jo Dunning was talking about, she believed and I participated in an hour of the Pulse. I remember how embarrassed I was to be participating and wondered if she could read my mind.
I ended up enjoying the event so much I attended another event she offered the next evening. Afterwards one of the things I noticed is how happy I was. It was like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. I think this was the first time that I had ever experienced that depth of joy. Within a very short period of time, I began to notice things in my life changing. My relationships were getting better, my parenting improved,  I was happier and more carefree.
When I learned that Jo was going to pass on her ability of the Pulse Technique to others, I knew I needed to attend. Even though I was terrified and thought I didn’t belong, something in me knew I needed to be there. Finding the courage to get there is a whole other story!
I am so grateful to Jo Dunning and her work for how my life has transformed. It is my deep desire to have others experience her work so they, too can realize life CAN be better & dreams DO come true!

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