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Standard Selenite 

Swords of Light

Custom Designed Selenite
Swords of Light

 Handmade Energy Tools
of the Finest Quality Selenite

“The opportunity to
experience the power
and magic of this light
for your self is here.”


The Archangel Michael Sword of light…. “Provides the steady energy of a spiritual guide that I can hold onto, like a helping hand.  Always matching the highest vibration I can muster in the moment and always ready to go higher, deeper, and wider.” 

Kris, Denver, CO

"I worked with these two new swords this week and they are really potent. Here's what I am finding:

The two swords together are restoring the integrity of the Gaia Grid in the person's field.
The Gaia Grid is what emanates from the two poles longitudinally and connects all the
lay lines that run north and south around the Earth. Then the Goddess swords works
the latitude lines and all the lay lines that surround the earth like belts. Because the
electromagnetic field has been so disturbed, this is really useful. The person then can
operate in a personal Gaia Grid that is strong and vibrant and keeps them grounded while
they are also expanding spiritually toward ascension." 
Diana, Chapel Hill, NC 

“For 3 years I had suffered excruciating pain in my nose and sinuses and two months ago I had surgery to remove a bone spur that was pushing into my sinuses to correct a deviated septum, but the pain never stopped. I had a healing with two swords working on the area at the same time that removed energetic blockages and I felt the internal structure of my nose change and I felt a vast opening in the nasal area, I could breathe for the first time in years.  Plus there is no pain, I am so blessed and grateful for the selenite swords of light”
Heather, Rochester, NY  

“In Divine Intention, I focus the (Archangel Michael) Sword in and around my client's navel and Hara area and ask that all inappropriate accumulations of seed self sabotage thought forms, feelings, and stagnations be instantly transmuted and returned to the Cosmic Light.   Almost always there then follows a little energetic dance in which my hand, the sword and energy take on a life off its own for a few minutes.”
Aurelia, Denver, CO

“The Archangel Michael swords have changed my life. I was able to use these swords just last week…By sitting and holding the wands for just a few minutes, my physical and energetic bodies are retuned to a state of internal peace and bliss.”
Steve, Denver, CO

“Holding the Archangel Michael Sword while meditating creates an enhanced light body around my physical body, blocking any foreign energies outside of myself.  I have two swords each has specific sacred ash tuned to our specific energy signatures and creates a deep internal sense of power and well being.”
Steve, Boulder, CO

“The Archangel Michael Sword has presence on my altar. It serves to continually activate all the crystal energies present. I have used the sword to focus and energize and feel in the process a quickening and increasing awareness of the I AM. Blessings and gratitude.”
Bob, San Francisco, CA

“Invoking the Archangel Michael while passing the sword through my auras gives a sense of profound peace while connecting to creation and energizing my soul. It energizes my crystals, particularly the aquamarine and magnifies the power of my other sacred medicine objects. These swords are the perfect healing tool.”
David, Crestone, CO

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